We love working across a really large variety of industries and revel in passionate people doing clever things. We adore the creative process people go through and are always seeking the story. As we move through the world and learn and grow, we also add to our small list of dream projects.

Most of our favorite projects we would never have thought of (so if this isn't you, please do reach out, we absolutely want to hear what you're up to!) but if you fall into one of the below we're holding some extra special space open for you and would love to hear about the work you're doing.

Here's a few projects we're dreaming about working on...
  • A science based, plant food company developing chemical-free products to replace much of our unsustainable factory farm world.
  • A collaboration between some of the worlds biggest thinkers. Update: we get to strike this one off now through our work with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu but we'd always be up for more!
  • An organization bridging the gap between children of color and white children in developed countries. The gap in America & Australia is ridiculous. We have have spent hundreds of hours working in overlapping areas and listening. A lot. We'd love to learn from you.
  • A restaurant actively reducing their upstream waste and bringing food from the ground to the table.
  • A packaging company working to create an easy way for businesses to reduce their up and downstream waste. Update: we're collaborating on an equity project for this.
  • A travel company for sustainable tourism (bonus if we can create with you in some of your favorite places).
  • A non-stuffy corporate company with 1,000 - 5,000 employees looking to change up something big in their processes or culture. Or a few things. Somewhere we can have impact with a company that truly cares. Also our doors are always open for running workshops in companies like this. We came from this environment and we want to help change it.
  • An environmental company looking to create an app that has major impact on the improvement of the environment and/or exists to change human behavior.
  • A collaboration between a zero-waster / chef / food blogger and a food photography stylist. We want to create something beautiful and oh-so-needed with you (let's start with a mixed recipe & content book).
  • A learning management system that is committed to changing the HR or L&D department for something people will talk about for the right reasons.
  • An action group that's taking a big leap forward - think something along the lines of Indivisible, OzHarvest or 1% for the Planet.
  • A growing company way outside anything we've worked with before that we can partner up with to impart processes and structure, and that'll in turn teach us things for years to come. Update: we've been consulting with a precious metals company operating in the bullion & coins world. It's fascinating. It's also taught us the extreme end of agile working.
  • A venture capitalist firm (or similar) working hard, very hard, to lift up women in tech, people of color & LGBTQI identityfing people.
  • Slack. We love Slack. Hi Slack! 👋 If you're listening, we even baked your logo into cookies (badly) for a presentation once. We promise we're better at our actual jobs.

Not you or just taking a look around?

We get it. You don't need us right now, have your own shindig going on or are just exploring around. But we sound pretty cool right? Well we're not. We wore jelly bangles, thought beading our hair was so-hot and George Michael was Lis's first cassette tape (she actually does think this is cool though). It's unlikely we'll give you street cred, but our mails will make you go-go (get it). Join us?