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A rapidly growing alternative schools brand in California was running two seperate extensions of their business – a school program & a parenting program. With new schools being created, and a clientele in the middle and high brackets, they needed to consolidate & create a presence that reflected the quality and values they were known for.


Brand development
Logo design
Stop motion video campaign
Website design & development
Collateral design

Social media design
Product designs
Workflows & lifecycles
Strategy & systems
Media kit


Create a cohesive brand between two formerly separated companies ready for significant growth & scale, develop a strong online & media presence and create a platform for consistent marketing for new school enrolments. 

Character creation

Brand development

We strategized and developed their brand focusing on a flat but fun outdoor style reflective of their teaching methodology, and new characters that can be utilized in classrooms, on products & as an easy brand identifier. A comprehensive brand book was also delivered including company vision statement, target audience, positioning, values, palettes and identity.

Stop motion video

As part of the new roll-out of an extensive marketing campaign we created a paper-cut stop motion video that highlights the key components of their schools so upon watching you would understand the values and message. The video is to be rolled out on the west coast and utilized by the media when needed.

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Collateral & socials

With no consistent assets or digital experience, we create a suite of templates and designs for social media posts and newsletters along with collateral in the form of stickers for the brand, an admissions guide, media kit and more.


We knew at the beginning of the work we would first have to outline the processes of major service functions of the brand and how these would best operate. Each step of the current state was noted before finally distilling it into the best workflow which was then implemented in the website, systems and on the backend.