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Architects: Attic Salt

Australia’s newest, and one of the biggest, retreat centres was opening up in Queensland in a special spot in the forest just 15 minutes from the infamous Sunshine coast. Its aim? To connect back to nature. To welcome in those looking for calm, a break, an escape, and teach urbanites the tools of healthy eating, growing your own food, nourishing your body and mind and working your muscles in ways that they could take back to their fast city lives to slow down. 


Brand development
Logo design
Website design & development
Collateral design
Custom lettering

Social media design
Product designs
Art direction
Content creation
Product design


Launch a big, visionary brand with big plans with a bang. We needed to start creating an engaged audience through social media, emails, resources & the blog and build on that with the website & store for the opening of the site 18 months later.

We developed the idea to create a typography style made from forest and bush components found in the local area to Haven. We sourced these, arranged them into letters and then created the alphabet with them for the brand.

Strategic development

We came up with a number of ideas for how to make Haven a place you want to keep coming back to and create revenue streams beyond that of the centre itself. For this we strategized out a line of products including items that give you the feeling of Haven, resources such as a book for city-dwellers, and products that they make on site themselves such as loose-leaf tea.

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Collateral & socials

We created a comprehensive social design strategy & content plan for Haven. Using a mix of templates for quotes, tips & testimonials in combination with photography and brand features we could create a feed that would be both resourceful and beautiful for their audience.

Marketing animations

Using the idea of custom lettering and nature we brought in various healthy and natural elements to create hand lettered videos in words that connect back to Haven. These were designed to be used across social channels and for press. Additionally the still shots of the lettering would be applied to Haven products. (Note: videos coming here soon)