Digital Learning

One of the projects we can often be found working on with clients is the creation of online courses, training programs, intranets or learning management systems. Some of these are rolled out to the public, others are used as a training tool across professional service firms and others are programs for launching new internal staff training. We’ve been behind the scenes of multi-million dollar launches and know what it takes to design & sell the content you’ve developed. 

Once you have your content coming together, we’ll work with you to ensure the information architecture is outlined effectively for your users; this is imperative to good digital training experiences. We’ll work on user workflows, wireframes and designing out the program from there. If this is a public program or you’re pitching it B2B, your sales interface and processes will be worked in seamlessly.

If you require assistance to work with your training department on developing new content and how to best structure your programs, we are available to consult on this.

Includes –

  • Structure & training architecture
  • Content management & structure
  • Website, intranet or learning application design
  • Course/training materials design
  • Sales page & workflow design
  • Extensive marketing collateral
  • Go-live ready
Course and training design ranges $20k – $40k. We charge a flat fee and will quote this up accurately for you if we’re a good fit. We’d love to hear about your program and requirements. Please email hello @ or use the form.

Case studies

Influential Women Program
The Academy of Trust
Sealys LMS