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Custom Digital Audit

An actionable, thorough audit on your your website application, mobile app, online course, training system or eCommerce store.

Are you consistently fielding similar requests from clients? Not making the sales you were hoping? Users not completing the program? Let’s find out why and create an actionable plan for you and/or your team to implement. Together we’ll walk through the primary components of your website or application, resolve the bottlenecks and move you closer to your goals.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re still doing a lot of manual work with users & clients
  • You have a high level of abandoned carts
  • Consistently receiving similar support requests
  • Not converting enough enquiries into sales
  • User engagement drop off after signup
  • High exit rate on key areas
  • A high churn rate
  • Your team feels confused, unmotivated or fatigued with the product
  • Experiencing low conversion numbers (account upgrades for example)
  • A cluttered design or lack of consistency that’s come from growing over time – it just doesn’t feel how it ideally should
  • You feel like you keep having to add new features requested by users to get to the sales you’re looking for but it’s not translating into the numbers you were hoping for
  • You have a vision of the design or experience, but you’re not quite sure what steps are needed to get there
Identity Division UI UX Consulting SAAS Website App Application Audits Review

Something has to change. But what?

You’re really busy. So is your team. You need someone who has years of experience in the field, understands how processes, customer journeys and visual design all come together. We’ll choose the key components of your digital asset together and in two weeks you’ll receive a comprehensive audit noting what’s going well and exactly what needs to change, along with other recommendations.

You know things can be better but you need it clearly outlined with feasible & practical solutions provided that match the set up of your business and team. This is also for people who have a consistent revenue stream – your application or service is doing well – but you absolutely know you should be able to do better.

What exactly does the audit include?

  • Outlining your value proposition 
  • Analyzing the messaging on your market and strategy
  • Detailed tear-down of your SAAS, ecommerce website, mobile app or course
  • What’s great, what’s nearly there & easy fixes you can make
  • Critical issues & solutions that need addressing
  • Optimization ideas & opportunities to both help your users, and your business
  • Potential new revenue streams & areas you can leverage further
  • Guidance on any missed marketing & strategies
  • Customer journey & process suggestions
  • Design recommendations & examples
  • Any other notes that we pick up during the process


At the end of the audit you’ll receive a detailed PDF report outlining all of the above in a clear, logical manner. The document will include any relevant design examples or sketches and those will also be provided in seperate files for reference. You’ll receive a detailed checklist of any actionable items on your end, broken into compartments with priority status, that you can then pop into your project/task management system where needed.

You can see an example here and here.

Identity Division UI UX Consulting SAAS Website App Application Audits Review

How much work do we need to do?

Initially, we’ll talk with you about your current state & goals, your business structure (so solutions are tailored to you), discuss the key pages, areas or processes that need examining (about 5 – 7 major components are included), you (or a staff member) will walk me through anything we need to see, and from there we’ll take over! We’ll just need a set of login credentials.

If I have any additional questions whilst we conduct the audit, we’ll email them through but you can expect to receive your audit within 2 weeks. At the completion of the audit you’ll be able to ask any questions or clarifications and I’ll check back in with you a month later to see how you’re going with implementation.

You can use the report to present to any managers or stakeholders as required or use it as the guide to work on yourself or with your team for making the improvements. A checklist broken down into areas is included for easy reference. 

Why you?

Good question! Ask the Dalai Lama? Just kidding, he’s busy with world peace, but we did get to work on his Book of Joy project so we know a thing or two in the intersection of global teams, viral marketing campaigns, leveraging, customers and design. We’ve also launched multi-million dollar making courses, a fast expanding health-care provider requiring an optimized system for clients, internal training for the world’s largest bedding provider, a Los Angeles celebrity styling fashion store, an intranet for an orgnization partnered with the biggest charities and a whole lot more.

This is one of our favorite ways of working with businesses. We often do large and complex projects that involve 9 – 12 months of work on both the customer end and internal processes. We can distill all that research, usability analysis and knowledge into something that will help you quickly and immediately. You’ve already done an enormous amount of the hard work and have an asset; we just need to make it work better for you and your audience. 

“It is entirely due to you all that this remarkable thing has happened and rather feebly and inadequately I want say a big thank you to you all. His Holiness (the Dalai Lama) and I are basking in your reflected glory.”
Archbishop, Desmond Tutu

I think I’m going to need you to work directly with my team after this.

We’d love to! Usually this happens when you have a small team or department who might require additional skills or training to increase their UX/UI knowledge, understand customer behaviours more, outline process workflows & journeys or would benefit from additional industry insight. We can discuss doing this after the completion of your audit and creating a set-up that best works with, and benefits, you and your product.

How much will this cost? Can we get started?

The audit costs $1,500 and can also be charged in an equivalent amount of your preferred major currency. 

All sound good?

We’d love to get to know your business and learn more! Please email hello(at) with your website or application and the top problems you’d love to address and resolve. We’ll review the information and then get back to you. If we’re a good fit, Lis or Em will send along a link to our scheduling so you can book in our initial consult whenever suits you best. Accounts will send across an invoice for processing prior to our call. Once we’ve chatted and dived into your asset together, your audit will be delivered to you 2 weeks from that date.