CX & Service Design

Service design (SD) is the outer layer of our pie. This is where we bring together the internal processes and workflows to create the entire experience. It’s the delicious, flaky, just crunchy enough crust that holds it all together. Customer experience design (CX) is the layer down where we pinpoint every touchpoint the customer has with the brand. It’s the part where you bite into the pie. User experience (UX) design is the flavor and texture as you swirl it around your mouth. It’s the bit you interact with most as a customer and it’s the whole point of the pie. None of it works without each other and you can rave about the inside and feel disappointed with the crust or you can send everyone to go out and get theirs. We work with the whole pie but also split out the components to fix them up.

That’s what we do here by separating out customer experience & service design from the nittier gritty of UX (though there of course elements that overlap). With business objectives and your users in mind we work with you to create seamless, useful and enjoyable experiences that are there to meet a specific goal, whether internal or external to your business.

Some examples of what we work on: user or team onboarding, eCommerce / purchasing experiences,  back-end order management, account onboarding, project management workflows and more. We start from a ten-thousand foot view before mapping out the journey from start to end and then working on the details improving every touchpoint.

This is ideal for scaling businesses or organizations that are frustrated with their processes and still doing a lot of manual work, want to spend more time in more important areas but are bogged down running daily business, experiencing bottlenecks, need to leverage their years of work, want to increase revenue targets, improve vendor relationships and partnerships, or are feeling a decrease in customer and/or employee engagement, loyalty & competitive edge. Our clients for this service vary greatly in size but we find we work best with companies that have 20 – 5,000 employees.

Our work may include  –

  • Process improvement
  • User experience design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Empathy mapping
  • Priority matrices
  • User stories & epics
  • Stakeholder engagement & internal interviews
  • Design & systems thinking
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Workflows & lifecycles
  • Customer touchpoint audit
  • Current state analysis
  • UX research
  • Service blueprints
UX research, experience mapping & customer development starts at $7k. Monthly consulting at $5k. As these services are quite variable, please reach out to chat. We’ll get to know your position & business better and work out a package that’s perfect for you.

Case studies

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