The $100 Audit

In the next seven days we’ll review your branding, website, foundational SEO and social media to let you know what’s working, what’s not, what is of high priority and other ideal implementations. You’ll be provided a report breakdown with proven advice along with missed opportunities we’ve spotted, quick fixes & other recommendations.

Along with the breakdown you’ll also get a checklist organized under departments with feedback you can immediately action so you can ensure you’ve got it all covered.

Get professional feedback, actionable items and strategic advice on your website, branding & social media this week tailored specifically to your business. 

Ideal for

  • Small to medium sized businesses who want to quickly understand where they’re at and what things they should focus on next.
  • Organizations who don’t have resources to outsource this work to consultants for months on end and want a clear & quick guide to what needs work.
  • Businesses who want a detailed overview before they decide which department to delve into in detail (i.e. marketing, SEO, design, branding).
  • Businesses who want a little taster of the foundational work we do before heading into a big project.


  • PDF report with audited items, notes & improvement suggestions
  • Implementation checklist of all recommendations
  • Video walk throughs of any areas as needed
  • Design recommendations & annotations
  • Social media example
Digital Website SAAS eCommerce Audit Social Media Identity Division

Questions & Answers

How quickly will I receive my audit?

You will receive your audit and any associated files within seven working days. Your files will be secured and only sent to you and/or your team as requested.

I run multiple businesses, can I have more than one audit?

Absolutely! When you hit the buy button you’ll be taken to a Paypal page where you can increase the number of audits. We’ll ask you to complete the questionnaire for each seperate business.

Do you audit any business, enterprise, charity or organization?

Nearly! As long as it is not associated with gambling or religion, or is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or similar (as determined by us). If your business is wilfully & purposefully ruining the environment we’re not a good fit either and will refund the order.

How much SEO do you get into?

We’ll cover the foundations and provide you a report of what you’ve done well, what you need to fix and what’s of highest priority. As we also cover your website, branding & socials this gives you an excellent starter piece. If you’re looking for in-depth SEO work we can refer you to some folks for content, technical, deep strategy etc.

Will I be able to give you specific comments on my brand, site & socials?

Once you’ve ordered and you receive your questionnaire, we’ve got a few questions to understand where you’re at. There’s also a field where you can give some further comments if needed.

Can you implement the actions recommended for me/us?

Some things we can, others are far more cost-effective if you do it yourself and other items (i.e. technical SEO components) fall outside our core services but we can provide some referrals. On your checklist you’ll see a little note of items we can help you with further if you need it.

Can I get a refund?

Short answer, no. We spend far more time, skills & brain power on these audits than the $100 paid for it. We love doing them, seeing all the different businesses and sometimes partnering up on longer projects. If we can’t work with your industry, we’ll immediately refund your order.

Why is it only $100?

We have an intensive, deep teardown audit available as well but these are our quickies. We love doing them and sometimes we get to work together on longer projects. It’s a good taster and it’s helpful to us for keeping us exposed to various different industries, common issues etc. These audits don’t cover the expense & time for them so we only do 5 per month. There’s no pitching for sales or anything of the sort at the end.

Get your audit right now. Limited availability.

We only take on up to 5 audits per month and can’t wait to present you yours. Once you’ve made payment you’ll receive an email within 48 hours to complete a form for information. Once that’s submitted our audit will start and be delivered to you within seven days. 

The Audit

$ 100
  • PDF Report
  • Action Checklist
  • Design Recommendations
  • Next steps
  • Video Walkthroughs