The Wrong Focus

4 October 2016 | Business Thoughts

The logo still isn’t quite-the-right-vibe but I can’t explain to you why. I don’t know what I like but these 32 don’t feel like it. It’s too small. It still doesn’t pop. Could we make another tweak to version 8 of Round 4?

If you’ve been presented with high quality logos after some customer development and research into your business, then generally this has nothing to do with the logo.

When you become so fixated on one thing, it’s nearly always procrastination. And it usually means two things.

    1. You don’t know what to do next or you’re overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done
    2. You’ve got a branding or culture problem (and these are arguably completely entwined)

The important thing is to acknowledge your logo-stination (or whatever other form it’s taken) and work out what you need to focus on.

If it’s overwhelm, get everything out of your head onto paper. Then organize the items into topics/departments. Then comb through and prioritize them. What’s truly important? If you’re completely stuck, what can you do quickest that has the biggest return? Start there.

If you’ve got a branding problem is it external (how you’re perceived by customers, readers, potential clients etc) or internal (staff churn, unhappiness, confusion over strategy or cohesive understanding of vision etc)? Or both? Talk to your team. Talk to your customers. Listen closely. Hire an expert.

It’s rarely the logo. Or the colors. Or the tagline. Or the advert.

They’re just easier resting places to stall.

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