Changing Companies

1 September 2016 | Business Thoughts

Ask a dedicated group of people in your company to come together to brainstorm (whether it’s 2 people or 20) and they will come up with 50 ideas on how to make the business better. Push them to dig deeper and by the time a few hours is up you’ll have upwards of 100.

Plenty of ideas worth talking about. Worth putting a priority on. Worth actioning.

Things that make staff happier, that increase productivity, that improve client relationships, craft better strategies and have a direct impact on your bottom line. Ideas that are innovative and make you a standout in your field. Ideas that make things so much easier or reveal new concepts that turn into an entirely new direction you pursue. Ideas that change the way you are internally and externally perceived.

And yet rarely does a company, or any business, ever do this. We get so wrapped up in the daily doings and the thinking that everything is on track whilst we keep adding to our to-do list, or desperately paddling to stay afloat, that we don’t do the simplest of things that could change everything.

Set your ego at the door, start jamming and filter through the immediately requiring action, the easy wins, the harder but worth-doing, the discarded and the on-the-cards.

Yes those 2 hours aren’t billable and you could be doing a million other things. But is that really more important than the company future and how you’re doing business right now? You can always get up earlier and to do the things you missed. If you still deem them important.

Your move.

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