Busy is not a burden

29 August 2016 | Business Thoughts

There are now thousands of articles about stopping busyness. Not being busy. Relieving yourself of the burden of busy. Telling us that busy is a disease. A bad thing you need to get rid of. Another thing you should not be.

But this is all a matter of perception.

If you’re busy with things you love, squeezing in hobbies you lose yourself in for hours, having a week full of friends & events, doing tasks that need to be done to get where you want to go, or tasks that you simply need to tick off the to-do list because life happens, isn’t that good?

Synonyms for busy include being involved in, engaged in, wrapped up, absorbed and occupied by. Gorgeous ideals.

If we were all happily immersed in the things we like doing each day (and taking rest when we need it, just like we know to go to sleep) then busy isn’t a curse.

We can talk about productivity if we want to discuss the efficiency of things we do. We can talk about the value we place on how we spend out time. We can talk about the downtrend of spending time on hobbies. We can chat about our priorities and energies. We can have deep discussions about stress and the causal factors. We can brainstorm passion and reshaping the work world. We can plan taking months worth of holidays filled with very little if your dream is to do that for a while (or forever). We can talk about all these things without entangling them into a disease of busyness.

You can have a full life living slow. You can have a full life you adore being busy. You can be busy because you spend hours in leisure time and then push out a few hours of work.

Remember how famous we made the line get busy living, or get busy dying?

Busy is just a word. The great thing is, you can choose to {re}define what it means for you.

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