Work With Us

Let’s keep this simple. We could go on trying to convince you with sexy statements or luring copy about the work we provide or every little thing we can do together but really we just want to get straight to it. And that straight-to-it is what you need.

We’d like to talk about that with you and hear your stories and ideas. Whether that’s finally getting all your offline content into an incredible digital course, taking the next step in your business and bringing everything together into a seamless, cohesive brand that’s beautiful, effective, persuasive and engaging, sorting out your systems because quite frankly things have just got to change (and you know you’re missing time, revenue and probably your hair in there), designing your ecommerce website & customer mapping for easier management and more sales, or overhauling your internal company training system – let’s chat.

We design experiences. Whether that’s inside your team, user onboarding, your customer journeys, your new products and courses, how people interact with your brand or your management of such things as your departments systems or ecommerce orders.

Sometimes we’ll throw words around – we favor agile and smart, we love ease, practicality and user experience, workflow automation, growth allowance, and back-end functionality and strategic development are embedded in us. We have a helluva lot of fun between the nitty gritty details and the big picture, and we’d like to craft the same experience for you.

If you’re ready for an honest, clever, and fun relationship (kind of like the holy grail – we bake too) let’s do this (the lame jokes are forever free and always readily available, the projects cost money so our moms don’t worry).

Design, Development & Creative Direction

Design is obvious and invisible and it's all around us constantly. We work with businesses who have a goal and want a partner to craft solutions to that. We're a small team which allows us to be thoughtful and strategic with you in our work to produce the best possible outcome - for your business and your customers/clients. Every project begins with an audit, framework and strategy so that together, we can move you forward. Our happy place is always taking an overview of your business in it's entirety, deeply understanding your current set up and then working through from systems to user experience and functionality in digital media & assets (i.e your website), courses & online training, and document design. We're end-to-end so you work with us from start to finish.

What do we design, create and develop? Think customer touchpoints (where and how are they interacting with your business?), strategic ideas, websites, online courses, internal training systems, extensive branding, marketing materials, product designs, brand collateral, pdf downloads, visual content, launch campaigns etc.

Business Systems & Structure

How many hours in a week do you spend working 'in' the business rather than developing it? How do you onboard new clients? Do you know what your client acquisition costs actually are? What's team communication like? Culture & morale? How do you manage product development and innovation? Projects? Information & data? Have time to blog, market, execute that press strategy, finish your to-do list or do the things you love doing? How consistently and effectively do you reach out to past, existing and desired clients, customers or wholesalers? Can you mine your data to know what they want before they do? Growing as fast as you'd like?

We'll go in-depth and take you (and your team) through analysis, structure, process design and workflow management so that everything is moving you strategically toward your objectives, faster (whether that's more time, more money, more freedom, a bigger & happier company, changed perceptions, new business, better name it).

Product Development

Most of us know little bits of what we're supposed to do. Talk to customers right? Some kind of business plan maybe? A feature roadmap? MVP? If you know you're developing something (service or product), we're here to launch into the journey, the smart way (because if we're going to have free time, that time best be spent making fires on a beach).

This journey is mostly dedicated towards those who have been in business a little while and are developing new products, services, ideas or divisions and includes your base, your testing, customer development (and turning that into early revenue) and your approach to early stage development and getting your offering into the market (without all the buzzwords, promise we'll try). Oh and we believe in Minimum Loveable Products not just viable ones. This is a very tangible process, you'll have your systems set up, move through your phases and get to the goal.

Who do we work with?
The game changers, non-stuffy corporates, entrepreneurs, professional service firms, technologists, wellness enthusiasts, fashion fiends, not for profits, creatives, start-ups, craftsmen & women, retailers, architects and designers of all kinds.Anyone with a hunger to make a difference in their life and a difference to the world (whatever that may be as long as it's good).
Industries we've worked across
fashion retail
kids products
health & nutrition
business coaching
yoga & dance studios
sporting teams
marketing agencies
event planners
Project investment

Our projects are always created as comprehensive packages so we can execute your brand from strategy to offerings at every touch point and ensure what we're focussing on is a seamless & cohesive journey. To that end, the below names for these offerings are rather loose - they encompass the full gamut of works you'll need, but here's a sampling of what that'll take (because we don't enjoy walking into stores without price tags either).

Business Systems & Process Design approx $5k for small business and $25k for mid-sized // Website Design & Development starts at $12,000 // eCommerce Design & Development starts at $14,000 // Digital Courses and Learning Management Systems Design & Development starts at $20,000 // Identity Development (Branding) between $4-10k

Our Process

We want to ensure everything is as ease-filled as possible for you. Our processes change a little for each project but if you reach out to potentially work with us you'll receive an email from Lis or Emily (our account manager) regarding your project. You'll then jump on a call with Lis or catch up for a meeting with us to talk about your business, project, goals, background and a whole lot more.

If we believe we're the right people to get you to your business objectives and we feel like a good fit to you, we'll pull together a little booklet outlining a potential project to get you there. If you're ready to do this, we'll then send across the papers and get you scheduled in and settled into our project management & communication systems where everything will be worked on pre - and throughout - our work together. We love working from a 10,000 foot view and then zooming in so that everything actually makes sense to everyone involved in the project (which includes you, your clients, customers, readers, staff, teams, departments, stakeholders, accountants...) and ultimately really, truly works.

Contact us about your project and we'll ask a few questions and send you through our booklet with a little more information.

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