Giving Back

I believe all businesses can do good. Not just for ensuring your clients and customers are happy but also having a positive effect on your community or elsewhere in the world.

Due to years of travelling and studying international law and development, my heart belongs to Cambodia and many places in Africa.

A portion of all profits are designated to our work there helping local families firstly with emergency medical treatment and nutrition then arranging proper schooling or improving child school attendance and materials before helping mothers start businesses to ensure they can sustain themselves in years going forward. Families also learn budgeting, how to manage finances, improving their homes, and other education such as domestic violence, diseases and sanitation.

Money is also allocated to asylum seekers and refugees whom often require desperate assistance. Sometimes money is also allocated to other organizations.

As a note – not everything is about money. Talking about all the issues in our world sparks good conversation and much required debate and action.

Be kind to your neighbors and strangers, love your family and friends, and help those with struggles and terrible circumstances. Let’s aim to provide all people with the privileged opportunities we have.

Let’s do good.