The Ultimate Life & Business Hack

Seemed like an appropriate title for someone who isn’t really sure what a hack even means but knows that taking these actions, will make you more productive and enjoy your daily time more. So here it is… PLEASE STOP WITH THE EMAILS. We need to work toward eliminating the majority of our emails and we need to write better emails. This from the woman who used to receive hundreds of emails a week and sent the longest emails in the history of the world (this may not be an exaggeration).   1. Stop using emails as a conversation. There are … Keep reading the juiciness!

A minimalist guide to running your business

A minimalist guide to running your business Identity Division Lis Dingjan

A few years ago I didn’t know #minimalism was a thing. But now there’s a name for it so I’ll run with that. To me, minimalism is a name for an approach to life; a mindset of conscious consumption and priority led actions. It’s about deciding whether something has utility; if it’s useful and enjoyable to you. If it’s time, or money, well spent. If it is, keep it. If it’s not, eliminate it. That practice works for physical stuff, life decisions and business. It’s a pursuit of freedom derived from simplicity. And since we often start businesses chasing freedom, … Keep reading the juiciness!

Understanding your Process

One of the most important things in your entire business are your working processes. And yet the majority of businesses we work with don’t seem to have them. They do of course; every single thing you do from the moment you get up in the morning is a process and whether or not you have something structured, you’re still following processes. But from the multi-hundred employee companies, to the small team businesses or entrepreneurs, a succinct set of steps that make sense – logical, effective processes – seem to be missing. This is often met with vigorous head nodding acknowledgement … Keep reading the juiciness!

The Inefficiency Effect

I once worked for a company that sold a gigantic amount of iron ore (please don’t hold that against me). They made billions. And then the price of iron ore started falling. Heavily. Suddenly hundreds of people were made redundant. Labor hours were more closely tracked. Big vendor contracts were renegotiated. Procurement was managed. A few levels of managers were cut from the hierarchy. Processes were altered and refined to be better. It didn’t take long but they were able to produce the same amount of iron ore if they wished. In a better way. That’s the problem when business … Keep reading the juiciness!

How I eliminated 90% of my email

I know – one of those kind of titles. Except it’s true… and it’s magnificent. I used to be terrified of opening my inbox. It gave me anxiety and Sunday night blues. I’d get up and delay it as long as possible and then tentatively hope there was nothing terrible in there, nothing urgent, nothing too important, nothing that required my reply… nothing to spend the day replying to tens of emails. And here’s the part I tell you I used to receive between 100 – 150 emails per day. Depending on who you are that’s either a lot or very … Keep reading the juiciness!