It’s possible, but it’s not practical

“Could we add an Instagram feed on the home page, under the header on the right that pulls from the hashtag of our team at matches?” Absolutely. But I don’t believe we should. On average, most Instagram users aren’t also great photographers. A lot of your audience uploads vertical or landscape photos with white or black or duplicated backgrounds on them. It’s not pretty when you’re looking at it in a grid block. And lastly, that hashtag isn’t always used for your games. Sometimes it’s used for other things. And sometimes people might purposely use it for the wrong reasons. … Keep reading the juiciness!

Problems, not solutions

When I worked in the ‘big conglomerate of corporates world’, a common conversation took place that went something like this… Project Manager/Department/Customer – “Install X” or “Negotiate a new contract with X so we can sign” or “Swap Y for X” Us – “What do you require X for? Can you explain the problem you’re trying to solve?” Them – “We need X” Frustration would eventually reach peak point. And X would happen. Not because some people wouldn’t think deeper or really attempt to pushback to find the most appropriate solution (sometimes at the cost of their future job prospects), … Keep reading the juiciness!

Why don’t we just make it easier?

Every single month when I get my period it surprises me. That means I get surprised by that 12 times a year. Why? Because my months are so jam packed and there’s so much going on in my head at any given point in time I literally never, ever remember when I last had it. Even if it was 3 days ago. Sometimes when I get a few stomach pangs I think ta-da I must be getting it! Clever me just intuitively knowing! Days later it still hasn’t arrived. Do you know what that is other than too much information? … Keep reading the juiciness!

Fact. You Just Can’t Please Everyone.

Even Kirsty and Phil can’t. And they are location, location, location specialists. A good 18 seasons in. I watched much of this living in London (along with Grand Designs) and sometimes I’ll watch an episode where people desperate to buy their home just don’t like anything they’re shown. And consequently don’t buy. Even when it’s the absolute best they can get right then. Despite the specific criteria, the one on one cafe chats, the ability to read their faces and reactions in person, in the house. Despite the fact that Kirsty and Phil have a team, are experts in their … Keep reading the juiciness!