The Ultimate Life & Business Hack

Seemed like an appropriate title for someone who isn’t really sure what a hack even means (but this'll do the trick for a much more productive, enjoyable work day).

December, 2017

Are you sure you want to do this?

The process is your daily life - it’s the work you actually do. Though there is reward in the completion, the outcome arrives intermittently and is a rarely celebrated end result.

November, 2017

Why don’t we do it faster?

Focus too much on being lean & failing fast and what you’ll develop is another average product in a sea already brimming over with mediocrity.

November, 2017

Understanding your Process

One of the most important things in your entire business are your working processes. And yet the majority of businesses we work with don’t seem to have them.

November, 2016

The CEO Problem

Big business has a big problem. They require CEOs to make important and sometimes complex decisions. And the decisions are ultimately made to maximize shareholder wealth and the revenue of the business. At nearly any cost.

October, 2016

The Inefficiency Effect

When you're making the money you're comfortable living with, you hide all the inefficiencies.

October, 2016

The Wrong Focus

The logo isn't quite right. But it's rarely the logo. Or the colors. Or the tagline. Or the advert. So what is it?

October, 2016

Changing Companies

When was the last time you sat down and listened to all your employee ideas...and then implemented some?

September, 2016

You choose how deep you go

This guy has been studying broccoli for 20 years and writes papers titled the 'Inflorescence identity gene alleles are poor predictors of inflorescence type in broccoli'. It's a job. That makes money.

July, 2016

Selling what you do

The pitch. The elevator line. The value proposition. The summary. Whatever you want to call it, you're missing a crucial element.

March, 2016