Hallo. Mambo. Sawadeeka. Bonjourno!

If you’ve happened upon this space (hopefully listening to a good tune), welcome! We’re a small, friendly little team kept alive by good food, road trips and people doing amazing things and cannot wait to meet you and your business.

We’re a technology driven creative studio blending tech, people & design to develop solutions and strategy. Our work is crafted to drive behavioral change and increase performance, profitability & happiness. Big aims but that’s what we’re going to do together if you’re on board.

We are big believers in productive working environments, easy management, effective design, tangible results, quality, integrity and very happy people (cue an 80s pop ballad).

We’ve worked on 100+ projects and can’t wait to hear your story. Scroll down to the contact form or email us at hello {at} identitydivision.co.

We’re so privileged to gather like this, with so much of the world plunged in chaos and darkness. So ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen


About Lis Dingjan - Identity Division Photo

Hi! I'm Lis - Owner

I'm an accidental adventurer, developer, corporate escapee, strategist and laugh far too much at my own (possibly rather lame) jokes. I started this business many years ago coming from a legal & tech background and strongly believe in eliminating the unnecessary so that your people, technology and design work together to move you forwards. I also love teaching all things tech, travel & design. Focussed on designing experiences & your next strategic step, we're in this with you to develop solutions in a pragmatic and practical manner... so good things that need to be done, actually get done.

We keep things simple

We keep things simple in life and have a few core values that we hold tightly onto. Other than Leonard Cohen, we also believe in...

  • Feeling good

    In our projects, our lives, our relationships, our mind. We aim for solutions, value high quality & integrity, believe in education and focus on the longer term. If life hasn't taught us, the internet has; none of us are perfect (looking at you Safari), but we try and do good things (now glaring at you Safari).

  • Idealism then, realism

    We believe in lofty goals and high ambitions. We also think there should be a roadmap and strategy towards them. We also understand things change, markets suddenly move and you might need to pivot, capitalize, or develop new products and services. We look at the big picture, the future plans and ideas and then make them work in the current time, whilst allowing for the growth. We're also big on blending training and education with practicality. There's no use implementing the fanciest system that nobody is going to use no matter how often we hold trainings - we'd rather uncover the one that your company adopts and a year later thinks 'how did we ever do without it?'.

  • Having fun

    We could all inject a little more gleeful delight (and snacking) into how we work. Although we’re creating something serious with you, we’d like to do it whilst smiling and taking the time to enjoy life and the work we do. That's how we get our best from everyone. We often become friends with those we work with but be warned; this comes with hefty doses of lameness.

  • Being clear & transparent

    With ourselves, with each other, our processes, our project, our thoughts. Being transparent, articulate & passionate means we can be real together and trust each other. Pretty neat so we treasure that.

  • Always learning

    We always push ourselves to learn new things on every project - and we learn a lot from the people we work with (such clever humans like you roam our orbit). And whether at strategy meetings, courses, conferences or workshops, we're constantly trying to take up more space in our brains (we'd like to turn our grey matter into the rainbow...see note above on lameness).

  • The road, the mountains & the ocean

    Everything feels a lot better when you're on the open road, listening to music, salt soaked skin and sun in your hair. We support & encourage taking time away from work to be inspired by everything around you and lose yourself in the wild. It can be a difficult place but we believe in the world and we're optimistic about crafting the future, together.

  • Smart, simple, important

    Too much of our time is so easily buried in an endless cycle of doing; mostly on things that aren't getting us anywhere. We seek out a world where we all have time to wake up with a fresh juice, move our bodies, work passionately on projects and do the things that light us up. We believe this will change the way we all feel and choose to live.

Come say hello!

We may have answered some of your questions on the questions page. If we haven't, come back and ask away or reach out with your project, thoughts or anything else on your mind. Use the form below (preferable) or email us at hello {at} identitydivision.co. Lis or Emily (our account manager) will get back to you within a couple of days. Looking forward to hearing from you!

My name is & our business is called . Right now I'm in a little (or big) country called and I think you can't go through life without . I'd love to chat about and loosely we think what we're looking for will be in the bracket. To help you out, my email is and our website is .

I'd like to say...